Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Artist: Wendy Jean Hyde

Wendy Jean Hyde was born in Brighton, MA, in 1964. The winter months of Wendy Jean's childhood were spent in Miami, FL and the summer months spent in the suburbs of Boston, MA; in both locations she admired and connected to the Atlantic Ocean often.

Ms. Hyde studied at Framingham State (College) in 1982 to 1983; Tufts University (Somerville/Medford) and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts (Boston) from 1983 to 1989. Wendy Jean returned to the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in 2007 for the 5th Year Program where she was awarded the prestigious Traveling Scholarship Award in 2008.

For the 2010 MFA, Boston Traveling Scholars Exhibition, Ms. Hyde based her work and installation from site specific research in Iceland's Silfra Cathedral. Silfra Cathedral is a glacial water filled fissure in Iceland's Thingvellir national park, a World Heritage Site within the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

Wendy Jean Hyde is an interdisciplinary artist currently residing in the Boston area with studios both in Watertown and Needham, MA.

Artist's Statement

The connection between these works, exhibited today and available on auction:

- a framed image of a polar bear swimming in a glass enclosure

- a poem stenciled, wet-graffiti style, on board

- 3 single small images of fresh water Icelandic waves mounted on individual boards

are pulled together to honor past years and through to the present, the Now, here for you, dear reader, dear looker.

Water as a vehicle for the reflected, the displaced, the dissolved, the travelled, the held, the contained, the temporary, the forever, the always, and the all things; filters through time.

It is maybe a coincidence that a polar bear swims in a zoo enclosure in Indianapolis while another polar bear swims the waters off Iceland, looking for land. It is perhaps a coincidence that you are here now. Do we filter time or does time filter through us?

It is with intention, these works will serve as vehicles for the discussion of water as a vehicle for time or the contrary; time as a vehicle for water.

New and Unforgotten" (Poem)
(Acrylic, graphite, faux silver leaf on board

Minimum bid: $200

New and Unforgotten (Tundra - Polar Bear)
(Pigment ink print - unframed, print only

Minimum bid: $350

Manuscripts (of Water to Lava - Thingvallavatn, Iceland)
(Pigment ink prints mounted on board with acrylic and graphite

Minimum bid: $50 each [to be auctioned individually])
Bottom one sold. Top two are still available

 To bid prior to the auction start, send e-mail to

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